1. Some works from last year

    Last year, I had a very lucky opportunity to shoot a contemporary dancer’s documentary. The record of the session could be seen from the link below. 

    Yoriko Maeno/ 2013.07 UTOPIA rehersal (in B/W)

    I added a link to my NEWS page too.

    Please check them out too :)

    -Yuko <3

  2. at the local temple

  3. reflection

  4. look through the window

  5. sakura inspiration

  6. spring has come

  7. cherry blossom of this year

  8. flower pot

  9. one of my favorite flower of spring, quince

  10. christmas rose

  11. sunny day in our yard

  12. coffee stand

  13. tokyo space ship

  14. february sunset

  15. remains of february snow