1. autumn hydrangea 

  2. view from a  car window, 5 inches under my eye level 

  3. bluer than the blue sky 

  4. downtown tokyo/ traverse

  5. downtown tokyo/ 根津・谷中あたり2 


  6. vague tree 

  7. giant panda, not a cat / parking lot

  8. downtown tokyo/ 根津・谷中あたり1

  9. I can’t decide these days… 

    What to cut and what to keep, in order to take & make just one shot.

    But at last, I just have to tell myself, this was the way it should be.

    Like this. Yes, the trees in here were supposed to be in this shot.  

    This is the sky I saw on this day.


  10. 2,000th post!

    This post should be my 2,000th post on this blog if the counter is working.

    WOW, did I take that much photo?? LOL. Unbelievable!! 


    AND , 1,130 followers!? I didn’t imagine myself to have 1,000+ followers when I started. I’m so so happy~♪

    Thank you all, my new and old(!) followers. Your likes and comments really mean a lot to me as always. 


    Also, I would like to thank everyone who’ve reblogged my sunflower field post. It went over 1,200 notes!

    Lots of love,


  11. summer ending 5 / 彼岸

  12. summer ending 4 / 夢幻

  13. summer ending 3 / 影絵

  14. summer ending 2

  15. summer ending 1