1. traverse

  2. TOKYO TOWER in morning haze

  3. ドラえもん… の頭が反射でまぶしい 

    doraemon event

  4. maman 

    one of my favorite art piece set in Tokyo (i think the artist was French…?)

  5. looking up # / one sunny hot morning in roppongi

  6. fly me to the café…

    lovely café for airplane lovers, called hane-café

    (“hane” means wing in Japanese ;) )

  7. pink, or ivy pots for 500yen each

  8. color-less gray mood

    there are not much of colors in Tokyo as people may imagine…, like vivid ones, especially in this humid rainy season, always very cloudy (and sweaty.) 



    One of my cherry blossom photo was selected as a print sample in the book, TOY TOKYO.

    My photo is very small, like am I staring at waldo-look-a-like in a “Where’s Waldo” book small. Lol. But anyways, I am actually feeling honored to be a part of this beautiful book with other talented photographers.

    If you are interested in LOMO cameras, check it out. You can get the book via Amazon in August :) 

  10. Left and right, red and green

  11. Up into the sky

  12. Thick cherry-bloom-cloud

  13. Break time

    I’ve been occupied with my new work for the last month or so. 

    It’s actually not very good to have zero extra time for myself to go shooting.  I feel I’m getting really bad on capturing images….  It probably takes time to get the hang of it. Oh, but not too much time, I hope.

    Next several photos are some shots from this spring.

    Now in Tokyo, it’s like summer. Very humid and very sweaty.

    I wish you all are having the nice time, and enjoying the fullest of this season.


  14. Some works from last year

    Last year, I had a very lucky opportunity to shoot a contemporary dancer’s documentary. The record of the session could be seen from the link below. 

    Yoriko Maeno/ 2013.07 UTOPIA rehersal (in B/W)

    I added a link to my NEWS page too.

    Please check them out  :)

    -Yuko <3

  15. at the local temple