1. 2,000th post!

    This post should be my 2,000th post on this blog if the counter is working.

    WOW, did I take that much photo?? LOL. Unbelievable!! 


    AND , 1,130 followers!? I didn’t imagine myself to have 1,000+ followers when I started. I’m so so happy~♪

    Thank you all, my new and old(!) followers. Your likes and comments really mean a lot to me as always. 


    Also, I would like to thank everyone who’ve reblogged my sunflower field post. It went over 1,200 notes!

    Lots of love,


    PS: I pasted a screenshot from my tablet in this post. I’m not sure how it would appear on a PC screen…. Tumblr app is good to see the dashboard, but not so much to do the editing stuff, I guess.?


  2. "The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds"
    — Dalai Lama (via girlmoss)

    (Source: chronicillnesspanda, via ollyjfilmandphoto)

  3. summer ending 5 / 彼岸

  4. summer ending 4 / 夢幻

  5. summer ending 3 / 影絵

  6. summer ending 2

  7. summer ending 1

  8. ending

    went to this sunflower field for the first time in my life…

    and it was at the end of this summer….

  9. traverse

  10. TOKYO TOWER in morning haze

  11. ドラえもん… の頭が反射でまぶしい 

    doraemon event

  12. maman 

    one of my favorite art piece set in Tokyo (i think the artist was French…?)

  13. looking up # / one sunny hot morning in roppongi

  14. fly me to the café…

    lovely café for airplane lovers, called hane-café

    (“hane” means wing in Japanese ;) )

  15. pink, or ivy pots for 500yen each