1. cherry blossom of this year

  2. flower pot

  3. one of my favorite flower of spring, quince

  4. christmas rose

  5. sunny day in our yard

  6. coffee stand

  7. tokyo space ship

  8. february sunset

  9. remains of february snow

  10. Ikebukuro backstreet


  11. Catching up

    My snaps’ update stopped at the end of February.

    And oh man, my photos during the hiatus are bad…., seriously. I guess I need to try shooting more until I get the move& feelings back. 

    Anyways getting back on posting from tomorrow.



  12. Memorandom

    Things I’ll be going to do in April.  

    • Buy a new computer. (the one i had, its hard disc had crashed and it’s literally dead now. R.I.P) 
    • Get some rolls developed.
    • Update my blog.
    • Find a stable job.  <new

    I’m actually getting used to no-computer life now. And actually feel no need to buy a new one. The only reason to get another one is to continue this blog :) I guess I can’t get away from photography. Oh well. 

    AND / BUT

    Thank you so much as alwasys for all the reblogs and likes and messages and comments and and and everything. All those actions are making my day every day. Seriously.

    Love, and see you again in a week.

    Yuko <3

  13. metro line going above / 銀座線

  14. usual shot of my another coffee break

  15. above and under construction / 池袋